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What We Do:

Each year in Kansas, approximately 15,000 cases of invasive cancers are diagnosed among residents. At some point in our lives, most of us will be impacted by some type of cancer. For some it will be a personal diagnosis of cancer, while for others it will be a family member or friend who is diagnosed. Kansas Cancer Partnership’s (KCP) vision is to reduce the burden and suffering from cancer in Kansas, and to enhance the quality of life for all cancer survivors and their families.

Achieving KCP’s goals and objectives, presented through our vision and the State of Kansas Cancer Plan, requires working with and engaging non-traditional partners to identify and implement new strategies to reduce the disparities around cancer screening, treatment, and outcomes. We do this by working at the ground floor level, with survivors and those providing care for survivors, and on a larger policy level to affect change for our great state.

As the Kansas Cancer Partnership, we offer members access to large networks of diverse expertise, critical state cancer data, and other various resources. We aim to have a comprehensive approach to cancer in order to make the greatest impact for the residents of Kansas.

What We Are Doing:

The Kansas Cancer Plan 2022-2027 is the foundation for our work. It holds areas of focus including prevention, early detection, cancer survivorship, financial burden and health equity, and advocacy and policy.

The Kansas Cancer Plan is rooted in evidence-based practices based on by the most recent data relevant to Kansas. KCP provides strategies and goals that anyone with a vested interest in cancer can participate in. We encourage all those individuals to aid KCP in our fight against cancer in Kansas. 

Major Goals:

Prevention of cancer from occurring or recurring
Detection of cancer in its earliest stage through screening and a timely, definitive
Timely treatment of cancer with appropriate, quality care
Assurance of the highest quality of life possible for cancer survivors throughout
their lives